Customer Experience Design – The Cookbook (at Google)

How do you design your customer experience?
Who is responsible for doing that?

YOU are the chef in designing your customer experience, whether you are working in a big company or own a business. I suggest three things to be a great cook in designing customer experience:


Designing customer experience is too big and too important for one department or an external agency to be responsible for. This is the core capability that any organization must inject and cultivate.

Check out the Customer Experience Design Cookbook designed to help bankers and entrepreneurs to kick start.

2 thoughts on “Customer Experience Design – The Cookbook (at Google)

  1. Hi Jin – I really enjoyed reading the ‘Customer Experience Design Cookbook’ and found it easy to follow, engaging and to the point. I would add an emphasis to focus on Customer’s Lifecycle when considering Customer Experience Improvements since different events within Customer’s lifecycle result in different journeys. Customers experience various touch points during their journeys that needs to be carefully and considerately designed. Regards Zaheer @citvantage

  2. Hi Zaheer, many thanks for your input!
    Absolutely. Focusing on customer’s lifecycle and end-to-end journey is crucial especially in understanding the ‘context’ of the experience you want to design. Any best practises you can share in experience design for customer lifecycle?

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