We offer public and custom training programs to equip teams and individuals recognise their innate creativity, gain confidence and leadership. For public training programs, we partner with Singapore Management University (SMU), one of the top business schools in Singapore to offer executive courses on design thinking, innovation and customer experience. Our design thinking programs are among the most sought-after executive courses in SMU Academy, the professional training arm of the university.

Custom Training / Workshops

We offer bespoke custom training services that support organisations, teams and change-makers on their innovation journeys, with practical, relevant concepts and resources based on extensive industry experience to tackle unique challenges your organisation faces. Whether is in-person or virtual workshops, you will be engaged throughout and charged with energy to drive change in their organisations.

Here are some examples of custom courses that we have designed and conducted for organisations across industries from technology, financial services, legal, energy, government services to healthcare services. 

  • Customer experience design with Google
  • Simplicity in the financial services
  • Designing post-covid work experience with IRAS
  • Repositioning brand through design thinking with Shell
  • Patient experience strategy with National University Hospital
  • Retail omni-channel experience strategy with NE digital
  • Digital transformation through human-centred design
  • Design thinking for accountants
  • Designing an exceptional customer experience
  • Design thinking facilitation for quality improvements
  • UX management and leadership for Workforce Singapore
  • Business transformation through design thinking
  • Design leadership for UX designers
  • Simplicity for lawyers
  • Designing patient-centric healthcare services
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Innovating Through Design Thinking:Fundamentals & Advanced Applications

Infusing your organisation with an innovative culture that puts the customer first may provide not only real, measurable results but also a distinct competitive advantage. For the Fundamentals program, you will learn the core mechanism of design thinking. Throughout the interactive 3 day program, you will go through the full cycle of design thinking method to experience the value of design thinking and its mindset. We will be focusing on mastering key methods to build a strong foundation for innovation.

For the Advanced Applications program, we will take your practice to the next level by getting down to the complexity of real business problems. We will discuss strategies on how to drive customer-centricity and the power of storytelling.

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Design Thinking Facilitation (Train-the-trainer program)

Facilitation is key in running successful sprints or workshop sessions, which aim to to bring together people from diverse backgrounds to work on specific challenges. This program is designed for design thinking practitioners who aspire to level up their facilitation skills. Sharpen your facilitation skills to creating an energetic environment to unleash people’s creativity.

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Creative Thinking & Aesthetic Intelligence

Aesthetic Intelligence, a capacity that when integrated into the fabric of organisational life, informs strategy and process, and holds the potential to energise leadership and organisational performance.

This course aims to increase design sensibility to appreciate great design and to inspire executives, business leaders and others to embrace aesthetics of design as a strategy to create business value. Aesthetic Intelligence provides a crucial roadmap to help business leaders build their businesses in their own authentic and distinctive way.

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Design leadership & Harnessing strategic value of design

As your innovation culture matures, the next question might be one of these. How do we scale design thinking in our organisation? How do we break through silos and change the way people work together in the digital age? How do you unite others around a common goal? How do you lead day-in and day-out to tackle complex strategic work or bring a new idea to life?

In this course, we aim to develop your design leadership to integrate design thinking into your leadership approach. We will use design thinking to bring rigor and creativity in developing strategies and to foster customer-centric culture. 

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