What readers say

“This book codifies years of ‘in the trenches’ experience fighting complexity and seeking simplicity as the ultimate refinement and innovation, in simple yet powerful framework and ways of thinking.”

Pranav Seth, Chief Digital Officer 

Radio Interview

Money FM 89.3 interview with Michelle Martin 

An interview with Michelle Martin at Money FM 89.3 to talk about:
- Why I wrote The Simplicity Playbook
- Why 'lovable' in the book title
- What companies commonly misunderstand about simplicity

Listen to the summary (5min)

The Financial Brand podcast

A podcast interview with the global thought leader, Jim Marous on Simplicity:
- Why we need to shift our focus from 'remove frictions' to 'design experiences'
- Why we love digital experiences of Strave and Peloton; as an example of humanised technology that creates defining moments

Listen to the podcast on The Financial Brand
Key takeaways

"Simplicity is an experience that makes things easier for users and leaves positive emotions."

Here are the five principles to design for simplicity.

Get fuelled by empathy.

Empathising with your customers
is worth the effort, because it has a direct connection to your ability to reframe – giving you a new lens to look at your innovation challenge.

How to make empathy your strategic asset

Dance with complexity.

Your stakeholders are your dance partners; learning to mobilise them to tackle complexity is the key to success. Change happens only when individuals change.


Find the North Star of your innovation endeavour in the overlap between customers' “jobs”, and your business’s “why”. Competitive advantage lies in doing fewer but better things fabulously.

FOMO and Simplicity

Speak human.

In the digital world, your words are the new interface for engaging customers. Humanise your communication at all touch-points, from marketing materials to forms and legal documents.

Design lovable experiences.

The goal of simplicity is to leave a
positive emotional effect, whether it is confidence, pleasure, or love. Embrace the value of aesthetics and heighten your sensitivity to design your customer experience with thoughtful intention, craft, and beauty.

Make it lovable. Love simplifies.
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