Jin Kang MollerAdvisor, Excutive Trainer

"Being a practitioner ourselves, we understand the challenges in implementing change. Design is a powerful vehicle to make it happen."

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Inject Design Thinking

To lead successful innovation, you need fuel for change. Start your innovation journey with empathy, creativity, and an optimistic heart. Design is a powerful and practical vehicle to get closer to the heartbeat of your customers.

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Scale Innovation Capabilities

Driving organisational change requires more than adopting a new methodology. The success lies in the individuals’ skills and mindsets, as well as building a solid organisational framework. We develop tailored innovation programs to drive momentum and to create a sustainable change. 

Our services

Design Thinking Certificates

We partner with Singapore Management University (SMU), one of the top business schools in Singapore, to offer executive courses on design thinking, innovation and customer experience. The program is among the most sought-after courses in SMU Academy, the professional training arm of the university.

We are a design company that brings out creativity and agility in your teams. Connect with us for design inspirations and resources.

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