Design thinking & you. What’s next?

You have acquired new methods and mindsets of design thinking! Hopefully you have experienced the power of design thinking through the program, and you now feel eager to apply the learned methods in your job. The big question may still remain.

How can I start my design thinking journey?

You are not alone.
Most executive students I’ve trained still have tons of questions and face challenges in making design thinking really work in their organization. This is normal, because acquiring new knowledge is just a starting point and the real work starts now.

Here are some options you can explore as next steps.

1. Have some burning questions? 

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2. Find your super power.

Every organization has its own unique context. Engage me as your coach to identify your super power, improve your soft skills and to strategise your initiative. It is a one-on-one coaching session to develop design leadership that works for your organisational context. Please find more information on Design Leadership Coaching here.


3. Build a designer habit. 

While design thinking is learned as a method, treating it as a method limits our creativity. A more powerful way to improve our creative problem solving skills is to taking micro daily steps to cultivate higher sensitivity in seeing, observing, sensing and connecting dots. I call it Building Designer Habits. Take this 3 weeks program to improve your sensitivity as a powerful design thinker.


Also learning never stop. Keep learning and enrich your design knowledge through inspiring books and useful resources. (link)

Or is there anything else I can help you with? Please write to me.