A humanized construction site experience

OCBC Bank building

This is my office building at the heart of Singapore.

One day, this “gray thing” was installed for public safety while a dynamic lighting system was being installed for the façade of the company building.

While the structure was set-up, it began to “wear” some artwork – a guy dancing Gangnam-style, a little girl looking through a hole, a businessman carrying noodles.

Artwork ladderartwork noodle man

The artwork wasn’t stagnant, it changed with the seasons too!

Around Christmas, the characters wore winter hats with Santa making his customary appearance climbing up a ladder. During Chinese New Year, giant red packets were hung all over the place and an artwork ATM had the sign “Huat-ah!” (meaning good luck in Singapore).

Just yesterday, I realised that the structure was being dismantled. And there it was – a sign-off message purposely made to look like the Looney Tunes (think Porky Pig) goodbye at the end of all its cartoons.

“That’s all folks…. Ya’ later”

artwork finish off

What a cool way of finishing off the construction! That really brought me smile.

Thank you Art, for creating a humanised construction site experience over the last 6 months when it could have easily been a dull and annoying one.

Art tells us stories.
Art brings us a smile.
Art indeed creates an experience design.

One thought on “A humanized construction site experience

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