What design decisions did you make today?

We start a day with making decisions.

What should I wear? What shall I eat? Which one to buy? Those small or big decisions make up our day.

When designing a customer experience, companies need to make different levels of decisions every day . I list a few below:

  • Who we are designing for?
  • What is the desired experience we want to design?
  • Which channel is the best one?
  • What interface design shall we take?
  • How should the design look and feel?
  • What language shall we use?

Each decision whether is tactical  or strategic  has a direct impact on the customer experience we are designing.

The process of design is ‘divergent’ in nature.

Design starts with research to uncover the needs of target customers and the context they are in. Design is an iterative process. Through prototyping we explore possible multiple solutions.

design process

The process of design is also ‘convergent’.

From the research findings, we need to identify core needs of people and where to focus. From the prototype we need to narrow down the choices and set the strategic design direction. At the later design stage we also need to select the look & feel that works best.

From the beginning of design process till the design goes live, we go through a series of ‘divergent’ and ‘convergent’ processes. That convergent part, that’s where ‘design decisions’ are taking place.

design decision

There are many tools  that help companies to go through divergent processes such as ideation, brainstorming and prototyping methods. However I observed the convergent processes tend to become rather blurry. Companies often have an unclear design decision making process. Decisions are’t being made efficiently due to the dragging discussions among stakeholders. Decisions are not made effectively when only ‘bosses’ decide  just because of their authority, not soundly based on the research findings and a quality synthesis . Perhaps companies lack structured thinking frameworks when they need to make a collective deicion as a group. Or is a ‘collective’ decision making by mass the right process when it comes to designing a customer experience?

What design decisions did you make today?
What are the method do you use in making a design decision in your organization?

I’m keen to get your feedback and explore this topic further.

Design decisions happen in the convergent process. The quality of design decision has a direct impact on customer experience design. 

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