Creativity – it’s not what you think

Being a designer, I officially belong to a category of ‘creative people’. However, I do not think creativity belongs to certain people with creative jobs. I often experience creative energy from so-called non-creative people such as bankers, product managers or operation staff at my work place.

People often associate creativity with out-of-box thinking or unconventional ideas. Through my recent conversations with creative people and inspiration from books and talks, I begin to see creativity with a whole new set of eyes and heart. (Thank you, Elizabeth Gilbert, John Cleese, Huge MacLeod, Austin Kleon among others, and my creative friends…)

Creativity is a human being’s natural desire to express.

Creativity doesn’t belong to people who work in a creative industry such as advertisement or art. Creativity is a human being’s natural desire to express. People may not acknowledge that creativity is part of them. You may have an unexplainable love for street art or music. Recognize and take care of this ever-so-precious instinct, because that is what makes us human beings.

Creativity is a discipline.

I enjoy experiencing new things, going places I’ve never been in the thinking that creativity comes from that kind of stimuli. But recently I began to see the source of creative differently.

The creative people I admire taught me that creativity comes from within. It’s a discipline acquired through putting time, energy and stamina. Creativity happens more often in our study room than in an exotic place.

Creativity is a lifestyle.

Yes, lifestyle!
Creativity arises from hobbies we enjoy, any little encounters we make on a daily basis. This notion makes moments of life more precious as they are valuable sources of creativity. That is why my hobbies such as salsa or Lomography should be taken seriously because these seemingly unrelated activities grow my creativity. Creativity is our attitude towards life, and it’s the lifestyle that eventually fuels our creativity.

“If you are a dancer, just do your dance.”
Elizabeth Gilbert

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