Whenever I travel, there is one thing I make sure to take with me – this sexy little friend called LUXE guide. This time to Hanoi, LUXE continues to create a great experience for me. What makes this little friend so irresistible?


LUXE is different.

LUXE has no pictures of a definition, no index, no big volume of content. It has got a slim body covered with a silky artistic cover that is abstract but somewhat resembles the image of the destination. LUXE just stood out in the bookstore, I immediately fell in love with it. Putting little guidebook in the pocket of your jeans will make you look super stylish. That kind of friend LUXE is.

Content is king.

Ok, the appearance is just one thing. The real love starts when you actually get to use it. I was at first discouraged by text intense (even all caps!) content. But the first moment you pick one of the handful of recommendations and tips, you will be positively surprised and can’t make you to wait to pick the next one. The content is that well selected and crafted, covers not only glam places but also relaxed local spots. (the writing team must be a bunch of cool people!)

LUXE gets personal.

LUXE talks to you in its own unique tone of voice. It’s cheeky, straight-forward and daring. As you read you feel immediately up-beat, may get a little smile in your face. One of my favorite design principle ‘The more personal, the more interesting’ so applies here.

I feel confident wherever I go with LUXE.
This is perhaps an ultimate goal of an experience design.

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