Don’t say nice things. Articulate!

In the company, we all have a good intention.

  • We want to bring more value to our customers.
  • We want to be transparent.
  • We want to make things simple for our customers.
  • We want to empower our employees.

You must have heard along those lines in your company from your senior management. I observed though these well-intended statements often create ambiguity in designing customer experience. I would call them ‘business jargons’. Although they are not technical jargons, they deserve this title because of the following reasons:

Communication gap
Those words sound great, but they don’t say much. Such words do not help employees to translate what senior management wants to achieve. This create an unwanted communication gap.

Skipping a critical ‘articulation’ step
Often companies skip a critical step of defining what they mean by those words, and what it means to customers. If you make something to be simple for your customers, what does this ‘simple’ mean? How does this simple look like? What should they do or feel because it’s simple?

Designful company starts with right languages during internal meetings.

At the outset of project, even during the project, take time to articulate what the you want to achieve. Gather people to challenge the assumption that the objective is clear to all. Try those types of statements instead:

  • [Target customer ] can [ types of job ] [ adverbs that describe how ].
  • We want [target customer] to feel / say [” desired quote” ] about our product / services.

Be designful: Consciously examine the language during internal meetings. Challenge these business jargon. Rather describe and articulate

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